Style definition blocks

The shape of a style definition

A style in its most basic form contains a version definition but it can be extended to define how we want geometry and labels to show on the map, how the legend should look like, what information is shown in popups and the formatting used when displaying feature properties.

The table below describes which properties can be used in the style definition.

Field nameDescription


Mandatory. Defines which version this style adheres to


Optional. One of simple , categorical , numeric or heatmap. Defaults to simple.


Optional. A block that contains some configuration options to be used across the style. Learn more.


Optional. An object that defines how the data will be drawn. Learn more.


Optional. An object that defines how the labels will be drawn. Learn more.


Optional. Defines how this layer will be shown on the layer panel. Learn more.


Optional. Defines how the popup is shown and what’s included. Learn more.


Optional. Defines how attributes are shown both in the popup and the table. Learn more.


Optional. A data filter definition that defines which data will be rendered. Learn more.

  "version": "2.1",
  "type": "simple",
  "style": {...}

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